Something Borrowed, Something Blue. . . .

14 10 2006

During one of the 4 hours chat-a-thons that Christine Hann and I have, we hatched this idea that stemed from a small gift I had given her for Christmas just before her wedding in Feb 2005.

Christine was getting married, I wanted to give her something to wear from me because I was living in England and couldn’t be a part of the wedding or the preparations. I bought an ‘antique English lace’ garter, its lovely, frilly and a small blue ribbon is laced in the middle. . . . .something new, something blue.

Since Christine’s wedding, her now sister in law Jessica has worn it, as well as one of our mutual friends Elizabeth (who wore it in June this year), and this coming weekend, October 21 2006, another one of our friends Michelle is using it when she marries Anthony . . . . . .

We we laughing that its starting to become a tradition – and then we though it might be fun to MAKE it a tradition, and have a ‘Garter Sisterhood’ or something similar, adopting a notebook – where each girl who wears it updates the notebook with their name and a picture and passes it on. . . .

In todays day and age where marriages are disposible, hopefully this will help keep the fairy tale alive. . . .It can be a history of weddings, love and friendships. Christine and I are excited to put together the book. . . .If you know any Brides. . . . let us know, we’d love to see how far we can make this go. . . . .

I’ve asked Kate, my future sister in law if she wants to wear it. . . .I’m awaiting her reply. . . .

****UPDATE**** Spoke to Kate on the phone last night (Wednesday 18th October) and she said she’d love to use it, and she can even think of some new people to pass it onto. . . . .. . . .yeah. . . .The tradition has started!




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