Is it day-month or month-day?

10 10 2006

Today is my birthday. 10/10/1978. I am 28.

I was thinking, when we write a date down, is it DAY then MONTH, or MONTH then DAY?

having the same number for day and month as your birthday, you tend to get a little confused.





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20 11 2006
Christine Hann

I think we should set a date for your 30th. Let’s go to New York for you 30th birthday!!! Gives us both lots of time, we can go over the Thanksgiving weekend so you don’t have to worry about taking time off and we can leave from Montreal!!! Think about it!!! Leave the boys at home and have a girls weekend!!!

20 11 2006

Listen you, I don’t turn 30 for two more years. Stop aging me!


Sounds freaking awesome though. Lets totally do it!

Iiiiiiiii looooooooooooooooove Neeeewww Yoooooork. . . .

24 11 2006
Christine Hann

I asked Chris “If I were to get a job, and actually save money, yes I realize these are big ifs, would you be upset about me saving for a trip to New York with Joey instead of contributing to the house etc.?” He asked if he gets to go, I said no. He said he might even pay for me for my birthday. Definitely a keeper husband. He knows my ability to save is non-existent. I think we should definitely make it a plan, but as your blog explains you don’t get Thanksgiving, so that’s probably a bad time to go. Anyway, we have two years to figure it out!!! I wrote in down in red pen in my 2008 calendar, well I will when I get one!

24 11 2006

I refuse to work Canadian Thanksgiving again.

I refuse.

It makes me sad and grumpy, and who wants to work with me when I’m like that?? A happy employee is a productive employee!

Besides, if my plan for World Domination (or at least as far as the 5 year plan for working at Procaps goes) I hope to be a little further up the corporate ladder by then.

The trip is marked in my Blackberry, that is new-aged techobabble for “red pen”. . . . .

Yeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhh, trip trip trip.

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