9 10 2006

This past Saturday was Paul & Kate’s engagment Party. We made a whirlwind trip back to Ontario to support them. . ..

paul & kate

paul & kate


Kate and Sarah

Kate and SarahIt was a great set-up. Kate’s Mom got all the food prepared with the help of her wonderful friend Susan. The venue was outside in the back at the Graham’s house. The weather was very agreeable, the big guy upstairs really took care of those two on Saturday.

We got to meet all of Kate’s immediate family, her brothers, sister in laws, some cousins, neices and nefews. . . .They are an amazing group of insainly bonded people.

Paul and Kate are such a good match. You can just see how joyful they are together. I wish them every luck and success! She must love him, she has agreed to move to Sudbury!

The wedding is in Feburary, although the exact date has not been confirmed. Probably late Feb.

Paul asked Colin to be his best man. They also want him to wear a Kilt. He definatly has the legs (and the ginger beard) to pull it off. Colin already has some plans for the bachelor party and his speech, I think he is looking forward to it – although his mom has already said “Be nice to your brother – its his day”.

Read about the engagment party here

See Photos here

I get to sit back and watch the hustle and bustle, I’m not involved with any of the planning. I’ve offered some suggestions, so its all good. I have my back up dress already. . . .but I need a date to make my hair appointments.

I didn’t have a great weekend. I was so tired, burnt out, grumpy and sensitive. . .I really need to re-charge. I need a vacation or something. . ..or perhaps just a nap!

Being thanksgiving. . . . .On this day. . . . .

Lots to be thankful for. . . .Lots to aspire for. . . . . Lots to remember. . . .Lots to long for. . . . .Lots that is lost. . . . .Lots to be found again. . . .




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