Speed Dial

4 10 2006

Do you use the speed dials on your work phone?

I do.

Every single speed dial my phone allows (which for the record is not very many) is used. I have 23 numbered speed dials and 16 quick button speed dials.

I got questioned why I have certain people in certain spots on my speed dial, and truly no other reason than I need to phone that person, and I’m too freaking lazy to learn their phone number 🙂

Why does so-and-so have a button, why is such-and-such so far down the list. . . .Well, I can’t remember the last time I phoned one of our execs, but I harass Ronan daily. . .so thats why I have a Ronan button. . . .

It seems to me that I remember a Seinfeld episode about this (Gawd I hate Seinfeld! – that will be another blog)




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