A Jesus that requires Saving

30 09 2006

There is this new phenomenon sweeping the office world, infecting those new and entry level executives. . . .

I’m not sure the medical term, but its Blog Reading, Replying and Posting during work.

I have too been inflicted.

I was reading my brother-in-law’s blog, then I moved to my soon to be sister-in-law’s and from there I started to read one of their mutual friend’s blog. . . . .

He posted the following picture on his blog. I was in stitches

god the comic

Some of the comments he and his blog readers wrote:

“A Jesus that requires saving. Novel.”

“particularly like the bullets bouncing off of God. Jesus’ hair is interesting. I wonder what happened in issue #1.”

“how come no one mentioned how very wrong the globe is in the picture. look at the map of the states…so wrong…i can’t see the great lakes and alaska is massive…and if you look close you can see that hitler’s left hand is groping Jesus’ gonads”

I don’t actually know
Nik & Thea but I feel like I do. . . .I hope they never see that I’ve blogged ‘about’ them. . . hahahah. Seriously though, good read Blog. Nik has a very refreshing mindset about Christianity. I enjoy.




2 responses

10 11 2006

Well… now we know.

10 11 2006

Darnitall! My secret is out.

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