World’s Largest Cat eats World’s Smallest Cat for LUNCH!

26 09 2006

(THIS STORY HAS NOT BEEN VALIDATED ::: I’m adding a ‘disclaimer’ this this entry, because I had a ‘moran’ (apparenty with a Harvard Degree in humour) reading my blog. . . . .I posted this story because I thought it was interesting. . . . . I did try to validate the story by doing some online searches – that included – I could not find anything to valid this story – so this is simply something I got sent as an email that I found interesting, I am in no way deeming the story truthful. Just interesting. Got it? Good! Carry on then!) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


big cat little cat

THE WORLD’S LARGEST CAT, Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red, and the world’s smallest cat, Mr. Peebles, were scheduled to be photographed together in a publicity event on Wednesday. Both hold Guiness Book World Records for Longest and Smallest cat, respectively. While it is normal for some cats to reject eachother upon meeting, an unexpected turn of events led to Mr. Peebles’s untimely demise.

It is unknown whether Verismo Leonetti “Leo” Reserve Red, a 4-foot-long Maine Coon, ate breakfast on Wednesday morning. When he was introduced to the 2-lb Mr. Peebles, they immediately took to one another. One witness says, “Leo just started licking Mr. Peebles like a mother to a kitten.”

Once the two were taken to the room with all of the cameras, things began to get a little strange. Leo, who has been rumored to have performed in a cat food commercial on one or two occasions, immediately climbed upon a table and prepared by primping for the photo shoot. Mr. Peebles crawled into a glass bowl to help emphasize his small stature. A photographer thought that this would have been a cute scene, so he asked someone on the set to move Mr. Peebles’s bowl to the table where Leo was bathing.

“From there, it was a bloodbath,” said photographer Peter Ellis. “That big cat must have thought that the bowl was carrying his lunch.” Before anyone could intervene, the massive Maine Coon cat swallowed the tiny Mr. Peebles and licked his chops as though he had just had a tasty meal.

At this time, it is not known whether anyone will be pressing charges.


LINKS (This link refers to Leo as the LONGEST cat, not the biggest cat)

I can’t find the story on . . . ..hummmmmmpfffffff?!?!


For those people surfing into my blog searching for “the largest cat breed” the most common answer is The Maine Coon but many may debate its the Ragdoll breed.

As for the smallest breed of cat the Singapura or Singapore Drain Cat is the “smallest cat breed”


UPDATE ::: January 13th, 2007

mr pebbles

I found some additional links, more specifically about Mr. Peebles, more claims that this tiny feline has passed – this time during this past Christmas from a stroke.

Mr Pebbles Dies

Mr Pebbles Dies

Mr Pebbles Dies


More Mr Pebbles Links

Mr Pebbles

A Welsh View – Mr Pebbles


Little Munchin Kitten HEED might be new World’s Smallest Cat

Little Heed Cat

Is Heed the new smallest cat?

Heed’s MySpace

Official Website

News Story (with pictures)

Strange Cat Facts & Records

Best Climber

In 1950, a four month kitten climbed 14,691 feet to the top of the Matterhorn in the Alps

Verismo’s Leonetti Reserve Red (Leo) – a Maine Coon who weighs in at 35 pounds and measures 48 inches from nose to tail (Guinness World Records)

Tinker Toy – As of 1997, the smallest domestic cat ever; a male blue point Himalayan 2.75″ tall, 7.5″ long

Largest breed
The largest cat breed is the Ragdoll. Males weigh 12 to 20 pounds, with females weighing 10 to 15 pounds.

Least fur breed

The Sphynx cat came into existence in 1966. It is a hairless breed.


A cat named Five Toes, was born with two tongues.
NOTE: There are many more medical anomalies, but I do not intend to use this page to document them.

Most mice killed

As of 1997, Towser held the record for most mice/rats killed: 28,899. Towser worked for the Glenturret Distillery, and a statue was erected in the distillery grounds in her honor.

First munchkin

Blackberry, a female

Longest fall

Andy, companion of Florida Sen. Ken Myer; fell 16 stories (20 feet) and survived


– Brownie and Hellcat became two of the richest cats in the world when owner Dr. William Grier left them $415,000 in the 1960’s
– Ben Rea left his cat Blackie £15 million in his will.


– Himmy, a neutered tabby living in Australia who weighed 46 lbs, 15.25 oz; died of heart failure
– Poppa – an 11-year-old tabby who wieghed 44.5 lbs.
– Tiger – a long-haired part-Persian weighing 43 lbs.
NOTE: Guinness World Records is no longer documenting this record, as owners were cruelly overfeeding their pets to gain a new record
Mr Peebles is the world’s smallest fully-grown cat, weighing in at just 3 lbs. (Guinness World Records)

First exhibitor

Mrs. Poodles, the first Siamese exhibited at an English cat show (in 1871)

Most toes

Jake, an Ontario, Canada cat with 28 toes, with 7 on each paw (Guinness World Records)
Longest whiskers

– Mingo, a Maine coon in Turku Finland – with whiskers measuring 6.8 inches in July 2004. (Guinness World Records)
– Ellie, living in Woodland Hills, Californiaa brown/black Maine Coon, had the longest single whisker on a cat (measuring 6.5 inches) on Febraury 15, 2004. (Guinness World Records)
Most expensive wedding

In September 1996, two rare “diamond-eyed” cats, Phet and Ploy, were married in matching pink outfits at a ceremony in Thailand’s biggest discotheque. It cost Phet’s owner, Wichan Jaratarcha, 410,979 Thai Bhat ($16,241).

Most kittens in a litter

Tarawood Antigone, a brown Burmese who holds the records for having 19 kittens in one litter on August 7th 1970 . Four were stillborn.

Most kittens in a lifetime

Dusty, who delivered a total of 420 kittens in her life. She gave birth to her last litter on June 12th 1952.
NOTE: This is NOT a record to aspire toward.

Oldest mother

Litty, in Staffordshire England, gave birth for the last time at age 30. In her life, she had 218 kittens.

Oldest cat living

The oldest cat living is claimed to be Cream Puff who was born on August 3, 1967 (which made her 38 in 2005 if she was still alive).

Oldest cat

– Puss, 36 years old; died on Nov. 29, 1939
– Ma, a tabby who was 35 when she was euthanized Nov. 5, 1957
– Grampa, 34 years old, a Rex Sphinx; died April 1998

Longest travel home

Sugar’s family, the Woods, left him behind when they moved; he left his new owners and found the Woods’ new house 1,500 miles away

Most traveled cat

Hamlet escaped from his cage on a flight from Toronto, Canada, and traveled 600,000 miles in seven weeks, until he was caught in February 1984.

Longest survivor

On Dec. 9, 1999, 80 days after an earthquake struck Taiwan, killing an estimated 2,400 people, a cat was discovered alive in a collapsed building in Taichung. It was taken to veterinary hospital, where it made a full recovery.




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25 01 2007
Random cat-related Internet stuff: World’s largest cat eats world’s smallest cat for LUNCH! « My Opinions Are Important

[…] 26th, 2007 · No Comments The things you find reading other peoples’ […]

29 01 2007

Gah — can’t help but post this because I’m cat crazy. lol. For anyone that finds this looking for the largest breed of cat, here you go;

Savanna: 17-30 lbs (males)
Norwegian Forest: 13-22 lbs (males)
Maine Coons: 13-20 lbs (males)
Ragdoll: 12-20 lbs (males)

Norwegian Forest, Maine Coons and Ragdolls are pretty close to the same size. Savannas are HUGE cats. I had a Maine Coon for 15 years and miss him like crazy.

29 01 2007

I love love love cats too LindaC. . . .

I’ve never heard of that breed of cat. . .thanks for the headsup!


2 03 2007

ite really reallllllllllllly weird

2 03 2007

Isn’t it though?


I enjoy a good shock value story. . . .true or not.

16 03 2007
World's Largest Cat Eats World's Smallest Cat For Lunch - - An American Soap Box

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18 03 2007

its funnay!!!!!!lol

18 03 2007

yes sir-ie ’tis very humourous!

Thanks for stopping on by. . .

29 03 2007

I vote for the pepsi cat!

29 03 2007

what? For president?

10 09 2008

Wow…whoever came up with this bullocks is a complete jackass. Get a life

26 11 2008

The largest 100% Domestic cat is still the Maine Coon.
The Savannah was created by breeding with one of the wild cats.

3 12 2008

we wan’t to enter the quinness book of records for the biggest mass christmas get together lunch in one spot

3 12 2008

we wan’t to enter the quinness book of records for the biggest mass christmas get together lunch in one spot can anyone help with all the details to get intouch with guinness & what we need to do to get it registered

29 01 2009
tasha faoro

i have a kitten that was born on christmas day 08 she is 5 weeks today and she only weighs 9 .5 oz. the rest of the litter is double her size i am watching her size how would i enter her in for worlds smallest cat i have pics i can show please email me back

29 01 2009
tasha faoro

my email is

11 03 2010

This is epic hilarious.
Wait…it ISN’T real, is it??? o.O

1 05 2010

hihihihihihihihihi i like kittehs!!!!!!!!!

1 05 2010

good bye and ……… i still like KITTEHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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