Shave to Save: Breast Cancer Fundraiser, Sonia to Participate

22 09 2006

Sonia our Main Receptionist is doing radio station Mix 96’s “Shave to Save” for Breast Cancer research.
shave to save logo

She is shaving her hair on October 6th at 1pm at the Procaps Main Reception (Montreal Office) The radio station will be at Procaps Live to shave Sonia’s head!!! Mix DJ Randi Plante will be on hand to help with the shaving. . . .

Picture of Randi Plante

Her 22inches of hair will be donated to Locks of Love to make wigs for children surviving cancer

If you are in the neigbourhood, stop on by.

Also, we are having a general sales rep meeting that day, and Sonia has given our sales reps a challege, if among them they can raise $1000 they can paint her newly bald head up like a paintball.

Picture of Sonia Before

If you would like to donate to this cause, call Sonia at 514 337 1779 ext 0 or sonia (at) procaps (dot) com

Please be sure to say your donation is part of the sales rep pool!

Sonia’s goal is $3000 to be donated to Breast Cancer research.


***UPDATE*** Sonia’s ‘after’ pictures are available online

Sonia Raised over $3700!!!! Good work Sonia

Picture of Sonia After




10 responses

9 04 2008

What a good cause, how brave/bold! I admire her. Hair grows back but Cancer kills.

17 04 2008

Beauty and heart.

I like.

I volunteered to help with breast exams, but they didn’t like my hands on approach.

16 05 2008

Wow, check out that camel toe! Impressive! Looks like her head isn’t the only things she’s shaved…

18 07 2008
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10 11 2008
Mike Smith

I tried the link to see the after photos and I was denied entry. Anyone have an answer? Anyone have any more photos of Sonia?

12 01 2009

hi i woulld like to know what i have to do to give the minimum 10 inches of hair to breastcancer

26 01 2009

more sonia pic

15 03 2009

I love Good

17 03 2009

top top……………………

11 06 2009

I would like to shave my hair to donate for Breast Cancer. but i really don’t know where i have to go for it!

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