Weird Key Word Searches

20 09 2006

Every blog that ever was needs to have one of these entries.

Weird keywords that people use to surf into my Blog:


(Given that this makes me laugh, I will be adding to this one . . . . . .This one has been a little while in the making)

  • Cats only meow for cow udder milk

cats, check. meow, check. cow, milk. . .I’m sure I’ve said that somewhere. Udder, nope.

  • Smuggle Diamonds Condom Choke & Rip

I did blog about Pronto Condoms. . . . the rest sounds like I shouldn’t question it. . . . I think I’d like to say blissfully unaware.

  • Daniel Craig Bond crotch shot
  • daniel craig bathing crotch

Guilty as charged, I did blog about Daniel Craig – and the crotch shot

  • Funny mosque sayings people do funnies on TV

Little Mosque on the Prairie must be how these people found me, hope they found the people that do funnies on TV.

  • Fondue thickness sperm? Reason for concern?


  • enjoyment of crotch

Alas, my Daniel Craig entry has surfaced again.

  • Homeless Man Britney

Does anyone know a dude named Britney?

  • Smart Feet

I’m not just another pretty. . . . set of tootsies!

  • Come Every Night, and Sing with a Man Voice

Come every other Thursday, and sing like a girl. Karoke night, you know.

  • Tinker Toys with Batteries

Yes, thats what the cool kids call them these days.

  • Juice for Fun

Of course juice is fun. Juice is always fun.

  • Shaving a Cat

Easier said than done. Good luck with that.

  • Cat cat cat cat penis cat

A weird game of ‘duck, duck, goose’.

  • Moggy Meat Definition

I blogged once about whether or not I thought my cats would eat me if I died and they were hungry, I guess someone else was curious too!

  • Does gerber mean puke barf in French

I’m not sure the baby food company would be happy to hear that if it did. . .

  • came in came baby baby one more night

I hope he calls the next day.

  • dryer sheets zits

Is this someone getting zits from dryer sheets? Weird

  • sleeping kid face dog butt


  • How Do I get Rid of my Stepdad?

This isn’t that kind of blog.

  • samuel akinbode sadela picture


  • butt massage

Sure, but it will cost you.

  • Joey Pee in Pool

Gawwwd, who told?

  • Lactating Tit Sucking

uhhhhhh. I feel uncomfortable.

  • Messy Peanut Butter Pants





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