Memories: My First Attempt Went Up in Smoke

14 09 2006

I’m admiting something I shouldn’t.  But I want to recount the experience.

 3 years ago Colin and I went to Amsterdam for the Dutch Masters Association (DMA) Paintball tournment. This tournament would see 2500 paintballers from all over the world decend on the Netherlands for the weekend of games.

Colin had already been to Amsterdam previously for the same tournament.  I’d never been and wanted to go.

Needless to say when travelling with a load of 16-18 year old boys (This was the Campaign 2K4 year) that when they weren’t playing paintball they were three very famous, imfamous and notorious streets. . . . .

My mantra on travelling. . . . when in Rome. . .  .

So, I figured what better place to try the local fares?  We went through the narrowed and cobbled streets and found.  We found a small cafe, with a green and white stripped awning, and tiny little bistro sets out the front.   The little cafe looked like something transplaned out Parisianne France.

I can’t smoke.  I attempted several time in high school to “be cool” but it just didn’t pan out, and needless to say my lack of knowledge in this department hindered this experiement.

After serveral failed attempted, and the racious laughter of my companions, I needed to be given a ‘blow back’ in order to feel any of the effects of the China White we had purchased.

I didn’t feel anything right away.  We stood up to leave, and to find out friends . . . .  It was now night.

3 or 4 steps out of the cafe the intoxicating fumes took their hold, and it hit hard.  I felt my knees go weak, and a brief sense of weighlessness that allowed me to float rather than fall.

We walked across the uneven cobbles, the neon lights flashing and the flourecent lights streaming down between the deep crevases of the stone road.  I was unsure if I should be steping down or steping up onto the cobbles. It was very unsettling.  I needed someone to hold me up.

The loud merriment of people became like a constant high decible white noise that irritated my ear drums.  The small crowds would peridocially stop to stare at oiled women with too much slap on their faces girating in small window.  A couple times I remember hearing people asking me if I was looking for speed, viagra or coke. . . .

Every where I looked I saw people I recognized, I was unable to put into context where I knew them from.  I remember pointing to each face I had seen before saying “I knoooooow you”

We found our way to the “Pink Elepant” and for some reason I remembered that a bunch of people we were traveling with went to see a show.  I got out my cell phone and tried to dial.  Unfortunatly against the advice I had been given I had not put the international calling code numbers before anyones mobile number, and I couldn’t get through.  I held my phone up to my ear and just yelled into it telling our friends we wouldn’t be joining them.

We found out way to the taxi cue and went back to the hotel.

Thankfully I didn’t feel any ill effects the next day.

The lesson I learned:  Don’t try any drugs, and if you do – be somewhere you know and where you can relax.  And I also learned that Amsterdam ROCKS!




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26 09 2007

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