My Jersey Collection. . . .so far

4 09 2006

My collection so far: **Updated 4th July 2007** To see pictures of my collection, click here

DYNASTY – Yosh Rau – Tourney Winning Jersey from Malaga Beach 2004. Got it on my birthday while we were in Spain. Thank you Piper for putting in a good word with Yosh!

DYNASTY – Frank Connell – Frank just gave this one to me October 2006, during a Procaps Direct sales rep meeting here in Montreal. This is the second jersey he has given me. Its signed.

ALL AMERICANS – Frank Connell. Frank gave me this jersey on another Sales Rep meeting trip to Montreal, and he signed this one too.

MIAMI RAGE – Alex Reed. Alex gave me this one when he was up in Montreal October 2006 for a sales rep meeting. It took me a long time to get this one, but its very cool! Had an offer to buy it less than 24 hours after I got it!

BAD COMPANY – Tom Cole – Malaga Beach 2004. Last tourney Bad Company played Pro before getting relegated to Semi-Pro in 7 man.

NEXUS – Robin Warman – This is Robin’s first year Pro Jersey (2006 season), he got some advice from fellow Nexoid Tommy Gun Pemberton, Keep your first pro jersey for yourself, and give your second one to the first fan who asks! (That would be me)

NEXUS – Dan Maskell First jersey in the collection that will actually be paid for. Bought from SlothStuff. One of two Dan Maskell NeXus jersey’s. Dan plays for Russian Legion, and thus far I haven’t been able to get a Dan Russian Legion. This one is signed by Dan, as well as his new RL team mate, Dave Baines.

new IRONMEN This Jersey is a blank 2006 season jersey with all the PSP World Cup 2006 players signatures on it, including Eric Roberts and Ollie Lang. This was a gift from Mathieu Chow and the NRG guys. Thank you guys!

IMAGE – Richie MaliszewskiI bought this one off p8ntballer, I don’t think the guy knew what he had. I got the deal of the century on it. Opie Thomas who I work with, and an Image player was well impressed. No jersey collection is complete without a historic Image jersey. ’nuff said.

MANCHESTER SHOCKWAVE 2K4– Sam Telfer – This jersey was just given to me by Sarah and I know Sam well. This is the Car jersey. Its actually very hard to find now, and its one I’ve been looking for for a while.

MANCHESTER SHOCKWAVE 2005 – Sam Telfer Another one of Sam’s jerseys given to me by Sarah. This one was for the 2005 season.

DALLAS DRIVE – Dave Veldof. This is a WPL jersey. I traded my own jersey to get this one! 2006

MONTREAL NRG – Justin Thorburn – Another WPL jersey, actually Justin doesn’t even know I have this jersey. He left it in my car about 6 months ago – so fair game. 2006

CAMPAIGN JAGUARS – Martin Rowe. Martin gave me this jersey at Campaign Cup 2006. I had to promise to erect a Shrine to him though.

CAMPAIGN 2K4 – Colin Graham. My husband’s jersey. He is my supastar! 2004. Colin designed this jersey.

CAMPAIGN POWER RED – Colin Graham Colin’s first jersey with his name on it.

CAMPAIGN POWER BLUE – ‘Guest’ 2003. One of the teams Colin played for.

MONTREAL NRG – Colin Graham Colin’s First NRG Jersey for the 2005 season.

VILLE MARIE ALLIANCE – Colin Graham. My husband’s current team. 2006

NPPL “Denver” REFEREES JERSEY – This was Andy Scutt’s I’m not convinced he knows we have this jersey (He was an NPPL head field judge in 2004) – He is on MySpace so if he reads this, I’ll give it back if he and Rachel come for some skiing in Montreal

NPPL PAINTBALL REFEREES JERSEY – I’m not sure where this one came from or from what event.

CANADA NATION’S CUP X BALL JERSEY – I traded some player at Campaign Cup 2004 for the jersey. It was cool at the time because I am Canadian and I was living in England.

ENGLAND NATION’S CUP XBALL JERSEY – I didn’t do much to get this one. I asked the powers that be at Procaps if they had any old England jerseys kicking around. Which they did.

FRANCE NATION’S CUP XBALL JERSEY – Again I didn’t do much for this one. Got it from work.

RUSSIA NATION’S CUP XBALL JERSEY – anyone guess where I got this one?




4 responses

5 04 2007

how much would you sell the canada nations cup jersey for?

5 04 2007

Dearest Ryan, unfortuntaly I wouldn’t sell any of them.

My apologies. . . .

4 07 2007

Please don’t email me/post about buying/trading jerseys. They are not for sale.

I would consider trades (maybe) for the following:


* Joy Division (Real jersey, not a training jersey)
* Old School Avalanche
* Baltimore Trauma
* Infamous
* Russian Legion
* Porn Kings (2004 jersey)
* Fat Ladies Charms
* Sweden Nations Cup
* Stoned Assassins


* Maximus Lundqvist
* Chris Lasoya
* Mike Peverill
* Jeremy Salm
* Pete Utching

18 01 2012

JOEY, do you still respond to this post? Its me, David Veldof, Dallas Drive. if you do, email me at

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